Stronger Neighborhoods

"We must support our neighborhoods by recognizing their strengths, protecting their identity, honoring their diversity, and aggressively supporting their needs."

  •  Actively support neighborhood planning and new neighborhoods associations.

  • Focus and expand the use of city resources –and city leadership – in neighborhoods through successful programs.

  • Pursue matching funds from the state and county to supplement our strong neighborhood grants program. 

Wengay Newton for Mayor

Educational Eco-System

“Good schools are critical for healthy neighborhoods; we must embrace our educational eco-system and  use it to its full potential from Cradle to College.” 

  • Use the relationships and bridges that I have built to advocate for St. Petersburg schools at every level to expand school funding and resources.

  • Insist on accountability and performance in schools and end the School to Prison Pipeline.

  • Be a mentor and actively recruit mentors for our schools.

Our Environment

“The effect of Climate Change is real and we must do all we can to protect this world for our children’s, children’s future.”

  • Smart Development – Create Policies for Smart growth practices can lessen the environmental impacts of development with techniques that include encouraging compact development, reducing impervious surfaces, safeguarding environmentally sensitive areas, mixing land uses.

  • Clean Energy – We must encourage the use of Solar, Natural Gas, Biomass and other renewable energy sources.

  • Sea Level Rise – Preserve and protect natural structures such as barrier islands, oyster and coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass, and salt marshes can work in unison with built infrastructure, such as seawalls, to absorb storm surges.

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Economic Opportunities for All 

"For a city to enjoy true prosperity all its citizens must have access to economic opportunities."


  • Boost Home Based-Businesses - Self-employment is an important way for people to earn a living in difficult economic times, making it critical that cities support home-based businesses.

  • Redevelopment of the 86 acre Tropicana Field Site - With a billion-dollars in development opportunity we must ensure that every citizen has access and participate.

  • Emphasize the employability of our workforce, entrepreneurial development and Midtown successes in our Challenge Area.

Affordable Housing in the pursuit of Home Ownership

“The only way to truly participate in the American Dream is Home Ownership. If you are paying $1000 to $1800 a month in rent you are already paying a mortgage, it’s just not yours.”

  • Habitat for Humanity – Fully support and actively recruit clients for Habitat for Humanity. They provide affordable home ownership, equity, and generational wealth.

  • Repurpose Commercial Space - Resilient residential demand and declining commercial demand can be accommodated by allowing re-use of vacant commercial space.

  • Allowing Homeowners to construct ADU's - tiny homes, in-law
    apartments or granny flats — with relative ease on lots zoned for single-family use will substantially expand the supply of small, affordable homes.



Public Safety

“When people live in fear of crime and violence, their communities reflect this loss of freedom, confidence and meaning."


  • The first job of city government is to maintain the safety of its citizens.

  • Mayoral involvement in our local police and public safety agencies.

  • Support community policing and push for strong enforcement of existing laws.

  • Continue public education and recruitment programs.