About Newt


Wengay "Newt" Newton was born and raised in Midtown South, St. Petersburg, the most impoverished area in Pinellas County. He is one of eight siblings raised by his divorced single mother.


Early on in his childhood, Newt learned the values of hard work and perseverance. His mother worked as a domestic worker; sewing, cooking, cleaning and rearing children of affluent families in Snell Isle and Shore Acres. Her strong work ethic and persistence on the importance of education enabled her children to escape poverty and greatly improve their circumstances.

Wengay Newton for Mayor

After graduating from Northeast High School in 1981, Newt attended ITT Tech (International Telephone and Telegraph Technical Institute) where he received an Associate Arts Degree in Electronics Engineering in 1983. Newt later continued his education attending Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College.


In 1983 Newt began an 18 year career with the Xerox Corporation, where he advanced to the position of Senior Printing Systems Engineer.


It was at Xerox that he met and later married his soulmate Melissa. They have been married for 31 years. The Newtons have raised a strong family with four children and seven grandchildren. 

Following his long career at the Xerox Corporation, Newt formalized his long standing passion for serving the community and entered politics. "After serving 8 years on the St. Petersburg City Council and 4 years in the Florida Legislature, I return home with the Relationships and Bridges that I have built to move our city forward as your next Mayor.  I humbly ask for your VOTE."

I was born and raised in Midtown South St. Petersburg the most improvished area in all of Pinellas County. This area of greatest neglect has suffered 20 years of poverty and those conditions still persist today. I am the longest tenured candidate in St. Petersburg City Government. I have12 years of consecutive  governance, I have served with 3 Mayors, Baker, Foster and Kriseman.  I have 8 years of service on the St. Petersburg City Council 2008-2016. I have served 4 years in the Florida Legislature 2016-2020. I am a Lifetime Member of the Florida House. Which means as Mayor on day 1 when the legislature is in session, I get full member privileges to walk onto the floor of the Florida House be recognized, lobby and fellowship with my colleagues.  I return home with the relationships and bridges that I have built to move our entire city forward as your next Mayor.


I don’t see Party, Race or Gender and have a documented record of working with anyone to get things done for the people of St. Petersburg.


Representative Wengay “Newt” Newton

Member of the Florida House

Candidate for Mayor of St. Petersburg


(727) 619-6398


Experience in Serving St. Petersburg

Relationships and Bridges

Served with 3 Mayors 

St. Petersburg City Council 2008-2016

Florida House of Representatives 2016-2020

Life Member of the Florida House

12 Years of Consecutive Governance